The man behind the muse...

In this life, when you're given birth you're not provided the opportunity to choose who you will be. You have no inclination of what direction your life may or may not take -- you don't choose who you are, who you are chooses you; it is up to you to make the best of your situation. Regardless of how difficult you may have been raised; whether that be by yourself, in a broken home, or with a family comparable to the Huxtables, you are faced with choices. What you do with those choices, how you leverage your opportunities or lack thereof is what makes you the person that you are. This is what makes each individual unique -- we may live through comparable struggles, but we don't live comparable lives.

Given this perspective, you're taken through my tales, struggles, delusions, and ambitions. I've been involved in many things in my short time in this world and I try to share my experiences with those that are interested, in hopes to help guide to better resolutions.

From poker to real estate and everything in-between, cars or technology, I've had my hand in something for everyone and the insights provided from those experiences may help some and may be frowned upon by others. With the removal of shame I'm able to look back on these experiences and share what I have learned and what the outcomes have been.

These are my delusions of grandeur.