Week 16, 2015 in Review

Apparently I was thrown at a wall as a child, seeing I scheduled this post for tomorrow at 9am instead of today at 9am -- here is your very late recap of last week's work.

This weeks numbers are in and we've doubled last weeks traffic, which is pretty exciting. Always good to see growth the second week of being live -- remaining consistent with one post per day, contemplating what direction to take from here. Looking to expand content and would love to hear feedback on what you would like to see moving forward.

Statistics: 907 visits, 1,325 page views.

Asked: The new series I introduced this week, I will be responding publicly to one of your questions from social media or email via the contact form every Saturday, looking to bring greater engagement with readers of the site.

As always, stay tuned for more monotonous jumble and baby panda photos should be hitting email subscribers inboxes tomorrow!

Week 15, 2015 in Review

After the first (partial) week live, traffic numbers haven't been bad -- no promotion outside of a tweet every time a post goes live, we saw 465 visits and 685 page views from April 15th to 18th. These numbers don't reflect today which so far are in the 3XX range.

I'm satisfied with the soft launch performance thus far, now for our week in review...

Above are the weeks posts, if you'd like to take a look back for anything you may have missed; below are additions to the site that haven't been documented.

Mailing list: I'm in the process of setting this up, if you like turtles and/or baby pandas, I'd recommend adding your email and prepare for greatness.

Contact form: I've setup a contact form that can be found here -- you may use it for anything, just please contain the penis pictures to yourself... I get enough of those as is.

Thank you for the initial support and hopefully you don't realize how worthless I am any time soon and continue reading.